AFL Premiership Posters

Apart from Good Friday, the sale of the official Herald Sun “Mark Knight” Premiership Posters at AFL Grand Final (in conjunction with the Good Friday Appeal) is the other major fundraising event of the year and part of the Grand Final tradition!

Award winning Herald-Sun Editorial Cartoonist, Mark Knight, is the artist who produces the Grand Final Premiership Posters which are sold by the Pied Pipers immediately following the Final Siren.

Premiership Posters sell for $5 each and proceeds are donated to the Good Friday Appeal for the Royal Children’s Hospital.

Many companies and organisations support the Pied Pipers on Grand Final Day. We thank and acknowledge all those who contribute to the success of this event.

Note: We suggest that this activity is best suited to people 16+. Any person younger must be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult.

If you’d like to participate in this activity, please visit our volunteer page and complete an application form.

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